Storm Damage


    Even if you don’t have a particularly wooded yard, the aftermath of a storm can mean extra work and headaches due to broken branches, fallen limbs, and damaged trees. For reliable, effective cleanup, discuss your needs with Sherwood Tree Services.

    Our trimming and tree removal company leverages almost three decades of experience to help you maintain a safe and attractive yard. If you have recently suffered from a flood, tornado, or a particularly damaging hail, rain, or ice storm, give Sherwood Tree a call.

    In addition to tree trimming for broken limbs and branch removal as needed, we help you avoid future problems with power and service lines by pruning trees that are now leaning as a result of wind or soil erosion. Additionally, we offer tree removal and stump removal for split or lightening-struck trees that have become dangerous.

    It is often much more hazardous to try to fix storm damage without professional training and equipment. Licensed and insured with over 25 years of experience, Sherwood Tree takes that risk for you. We provide emergency services with 24-hour availability to make sure your family and your home stay safe.