Tree Trimming and Tree Removal


    Enjoy your yard and pre-empt accidents with Minnesota-based Sherwood Tree Services.

    From storm destruction to age, there are many factors that can cause trees or limbs to break off and fall. Beyond the inconvenience of picking up dead branches, you could end up with damaged property, power and service line interference, outages, and more.

    It’s far better to stay on top of your lot with regular tree trimming and full tree removal as necessary. If you have branches or large shrubs that worry you, call Sherwood Tree – our experts assess your situation, give recommendations, and follow through with the actions that protect you and your family while keeping costs low.

    Sherwood Tree trimming and removal services use professional equipment to safely detach problem branches, both seasonally and in emergency situations. Armed with over 25 years of experience, our tree removal company ensures your lot clearing job just became easier.